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GECKO footprint car stickers

ID# geckofeetb

Well it is going to look cute isn't it,  gecko footprint stickers running across your car leading to a little worried looking gecko?

We offer the following different sizes to match the different size geckos.

baby gecko footprint car stickers blue hippy motors Baby gecko footprints  16 pairs of footprints to match the baby geckos, 13x11mm. I have used electric blue in the photo.

little gecko footprint car stickers decals turquoise.jpg Little gecko footprints 12 pairs of footprints to match the little geckos 19x 23mm.  I used turquoise in the photo. 

medium gecko footprint car stickers caravan transfers.jpg Medium gecko footprints 10 pairs of footprints to match the little geckos 26x 33mm.  I used dark green in the photo.

family gecko footprint car stickers camper van decals window transfers.jpg Family gecko footprints 15 pairs of footprints to match the family geckos .  I used black in the photo.

giant gecko footprints car stickers campervan transfer vinyl hippy motors.jpg Giant gecko footprints 12 pairs of footprints to match the giant gecko stickers.  I used spring green in the photo


ProductsOur Price
BABY gecko footprints£ 1.50
LITTLE gecko footprints £ 2.00
MEDIUM gecko footprints£ 2.50
FAMILY gecko footprints£ 2.50
GIANT gecko footprints£ 3.50